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Cost overview for the purchase of real estate in Turkey

Here we have for you an insight about the possible costs with the purchase of a real estate in Turkey.
It is our aim to support you professionally when buying a property in Turkey and to keep the costs as low as possible.

Land transfer taxes 4 % of the land in the land register
registered value
Submission of documents (land register-,
land registry and military authority) approx. 300 EUR
Interpreter approx. 50 EUR
Notarial purchase contract
(if desired) approx. 1.3 % of the amount stated in the sales contract
specified value
Notarial power of attorney
(if desired) approx. 150 EUR
Residence certificate ( ISKAN )
(if not available) approx. 500 - 1.500 EUR
Current registration or
Current transfer approx. 150 EUR or
approx. 60 EUR
Water registration or
Water transfer approx. 150 EUR or
approx. 50 EUR

Full annual property taxes:

approx. 0.1 - 0.5 % depending on the region of the acquired property from the value entered in the land register
(depends on the type of property, size and region).