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Purchase completion

According to paragraph 35 of the Turkish Land Registry Act, foreigners may acquire real estate in Turkey in the country in which it is also possible for Turkish citizens to acquire real estate. Here the reciprocity principle of the individual countries exists.

Purchases may only be made in developed areas up to a maximum size of 2.5 ha.

In Turkey, the purchase is not carried out via a notary or lawyer, as is customary in Germany. The legal purchase runs only over the land registry office.

The entry in the land register is called "Tapu" in Turkey. This Tapu one gets only from the land registry office and is handed over to you in the presence of a state-sworn interpreter.
For the registration in the Turkish land register foreigners need a "harmlessness certificate" from the military authority in Izmir, which says that it is possible for the buyer to buy a property in this area. We check our properties before we offer them for sale and this certificate is just a formality. The application for this "clearance certificate" usually takes about 6 weeks.
Procedure of the real estate purchase in Turkey

1. agreement of a viewing appointment with our company: We will pick you up from your hotel at the agreed time, introduce you to our company and our employees, have a cup of coffee and present you with properties that meet your criteria.

2. visit the selected properties, where we will inform you about all the important details of the properties and the individual areas.

3. if you decide to buy a property, we will conclude a purchase contract with you. In this contract all details such as buyer, seller, object, terms of payment and other agreements are recorded in writing.
When the contract of sale is concluded, a deposit of approx. 20% is due within 14 days. The remaining purchase price is only due upon the Tapuumschreibung (land register transfer).

We, as your local partner, submit the documents for the land register entry to the Tapuamt (land register and cadastral office) and apply for all necessary documents in your name. For this purpose, the buyer must issue a notarial power of attorney to our company.

5. you as the buyer do not have to appear again until the "Declaration of No Objection" from Izmir has been received by the local land registry office. We organise an appointment with the land registry office, at which the seller or his authorised representative will also appear.
If you are unable to attend at this time, it is up to you to arrange a notarial power of attorney for the transfer of the property in your name to our company in your presence.
The remaining purchase price, the land transfer taxes and the fees for the transfer are now payable and in the presence of a sworn interpreter the land register is overwritten in your name.

6 Now you are the official owner of your property in Turkey.

7. after receipt of the land register proof we will register the real estate for you at the local authority in your name, apply for the housing entitlement certificate (ISKAN) and register electricity and water subscriptions on your behalf.
The following documents are required for the purchase of a property in Turkey:

    Valid passport or identity card
    2 passport photos
    Tax number (from local tax office)