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Sell Real Estate in Alanya and on the Turkish Riviera with Good Choice Real Estate

Küste vor Alanya

There are several reasons why you as an owner may want to sell a property in Alanya and the surrounding area. You may have purchased a house or apartment as a holiday home and do not want to use it any further. On the other hand, investors may want to resell their property after a few years. Personal reasons such as divorce or death often also lead to the consideration of selling a property. And last but not least, you may want to buy a new house or a larger apartment in Alanya or on the Turkish Riviera and therefore first sell the property you already own. No matter what reason you have to sell a property in our region, we at Good Choice Real Estate are your strong partners and accompany you through the entire sale process.

Rely on us for your real estate sale!

Sonniger Garten

If you would like to sell a property yourself, you will have to reckon with a lot of time and sometimes high marketing costs. In addition, it is especially here in Turkey necessary to know the national laws on the sale of real estate exactly. As in Germany, when selling a property in this country, numerous formalities have to be done and documents from various authorities and offices to obtain. As a layman, this sometimes presents you with some difficulties. By delegating the sale of your property to us, you save a lot of time and nerves. We take care of obtaining the necessary documents for the sale and also carry out all tasks professionally and professionally. So nothing is forgotten and the sale is on a legally secure basis. Furthermore, we naturally ensure the optimal marketing of your property so that the sale starts quickly and you do not have to wait too long for the first prospective buyers to contact you.

From valuation to conversion and renovation

Exklusive Villa mit Pool

At the start of marketing your house, villa or apartment, we always carry out a valuation of the property. This helps us to determine the exact selling price for the property, which will then be used to place it on the market. In addition, we take a close look at the property and, under certain circumstances, suggest optimisation through conversion or renovation, so that the chances of a quick and successful sale increase. If required, we will of course be happy to put you in touch with highly skilled craftsmen from our regional network. For the preparation of the sales exposé, we create high-quality photographs of your property. Together with all relevant data, we make the photos available to potential buyers so that they can obtain comprehensive information about the property. Furthermore, we carry out all necessary inspections for you and qualify interested parties with regard to their personal data and their creditworthiness. Last but not least, we conduct the purchase price negotiations on your behalf and accompany you to the notarial certification of the sale and up to the handover to the new owner.

An additional plus for owners: property management by professionals

If you want to sell your apartment or house because you don't have time in your absence to take care of it adequately, we also offer you an alternative solution to the sale: Together with efficient partners we gladly take over your property management and take care of all related tasks. Talk to us!