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Land Register - TAPU

TAPU is an official proof of ownership. In Turkey, every purchase of real estate is recorded in the land register. The buyer receives a land register certificate (TAPU). The land register is kept in Turkey at the city administration (Tapu office).

When the Tapu is handed over, the buyer and seller must record the intention to purchase by presenting their identity cards. The presence of a sworn interpreter is required for foreign buyers.
TAPU contains the following information:

    Address, plot and parcel number of the property
    Photo and personal data of the real estate owner
    Date of acquisition of the property
    Registration data of the real estate in the Tapu office
    Type of property (building land, developed land, etc.)
    Status of the real estate (separate object, part of an object, etc.)
    Property share
    Legal minimum value of the property
    Signature of the person entitled to the tapu test, stamp, etc.

Please note:

Tapu in blue color is created for plot, meadow, garden and other undeveloped area.

Tapu in pink color is created for residential, commercial real estate or other built-up area.